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B2C Platforms

Providing a channel for real estate companies building a digital presence for capturing prospects

HK $3,500 / month

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On-going Portal Hosting + Upgrading

Account Manager Support [Maintenance + Report]

Performance Analytics

Optional localisation to convert clients' digital presence to fit their target market needs

Digital marketing package for real estate

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Q: How does Denzity work?

Denzity is a real estate community with the mission to give the world its most compelling digital experience of real estate.

Q: What is the Denzity Portal?

The Denzity Portal is a listing platform that allows real estate agencies to build an online presence and find the right prospects globally.

Q: What is the Denzity Aggregator?

The Denzity Aggregator is a platform to show videos and articles that are provided by real estate companies. Join our plan to enjoy our marketing benefits.

Q: Does Denzity specialize in the real estate industry only?

Yes, we at Denzity are passionate about using PropTech to aid real estate communication, collaboration and community engagement

Q: Where is Denzity located?

We are located in Hong Kong, with most of our services accessible globally and carried out virtually.

Q: Does Denzity support real estate agencies operating out of Hong Kong?

Yes, Denzity provides its services all around the world.

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