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weeXimmo is a real estate crowdfunding platform dedicated to real estate development, approved by the AMF and registered with ORIAS. WeeXimmo's offer is:

  • simple: for all proposed investments, a single return (10 to 12% per year depending on the amount invested), a maximum duration of 2 years, standardized real estate projects (multi-family buildings from 12 to 60 housing, located in major French cities) and announced in advance, well-established local promoters;
  • secure: weeXimmo implements a proven mechanism for selecting and monitoring transactions and is financially involved alongside investors. weeXimmo relies on the expertise of its founder, Jean-Christophe Ginet. Investment professional in real estate development, he had a first 20 years in finance in major French groups. Since 2005, he has been active in private equity (at Société Générale, 123Venture and then as an entrepreneur). As such, in 10 years, he has invested nearly 100 million euros in capital in more than 50 operations of promotion or real estate valuation.

Investment Mandate


weeXimmo is an authorized CIP platform by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers

We have been approved as a Participatory Investment Advisor since April 2015. To obtain this approval, our transaction selection processes, our legal framework and our rules of conduct have been audited and approved by the AMF.

Each project is rigorously selected

weeXimmo implements a project selection system that has proved its worth: Jean-Christophe Ginet has invested € 300 million in real estate projects in 14 years. To date, he has set up or studied operations with more than 100 French regional promoters.

weeXimmo invests alongside you in projects

Because we believe in the quality of each transaction, weeXimmo invests between 10 and 20,000 euros in the capital of dedicated investment companies, which it only recovers when the bonds have been fully repaid and their coupons paid.

weeXimmo controls investments over their entire duration

weeXimmo puts in place with the promoters a governance which gives it a right of reporting on the progress of the project.

YIELD - 8% to 11% per year

In 2019, weeXimmo provides investors with a return * of between 8% and 11% per year, free of charge.

We serve the same interest rate on all our projects because we make sure that the projects presented are all of the same quality. This interest rate is 10% per year. In addition, a bonus paid to investors who trust us carrying the interest rate to 10.5% and 11% depending on the amounts invested. 

weeXimmo does not charge any fees to investors.

weeXimmo bases its remuneration on the repayment of investors

The rates served reflect the relative risk assessment of the projects. For the same project, the rate increases slightly with the amount subscribed. All our compensation is definitively acquired only when investors have been repaid and their coupons paid. This remuneration is paid in full by the promoter and reinvested in case of financial difficulties.

* Investing in bonds entails risks of loss of capital, illiquidity, interest rates and real estate market. Yield not guaranteed.

How weeXimmo selects his projects?

weeXimmo applies a strict project selection procedure based on Jean-Christophe Ginet's investor experience

Selected regions

weeXimmo selects projects in economically and demographically dynamic regions. The volumes and prices of new real estate are stable over the medium term. 

These factors ensure continued demand for new real estate, both in terms of ownership and leasing.

Selected promoters

weeXimmo selects well-established regional promoters in their region, with verifiable references. This gives them a good understanding of local demand and strong credibility with customers, distributors and banks.

The promoters selected by weeXimmo must have a financial capacity of their own allowing them to commit at least 20% of the equity required by the projects, in order to align their interests with those of the investors.

Rigorously selected and audited projects

weeXimmo selects projects meeting objective and precise eligibility criteria and applies a proven audit and analysis grid Moreover, weeXimmo only finances projects that have already been accepted by a bank or an insurer that issues the guarantee financial completion.


Mission Statement

[To be completed by Platform].



Contact Number

01 82 83 26 57

Headquarter Address

18 Rue Voltaire, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison

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