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RealCrowd is a private, secure and simple-to-use online platform for accredited investors to access, review and invest in commercial real estate opportunities across the nation. Using the platform, investors can inspect investment offers and materials, such as legal documents and due diligence items, allowing them to make informed investment decisions in what is widely considered one of the greatest wealth creation tools on the planet. See more in our How It Works section.

Investment Mandate

RealCrowd is about creating direct relationships. We are not a middleman.

We don't get in the way of the relationship, yes we provide the magic in the middle, but it's all about connecting YOU, the investor, direct to the real estate professionals. If you are looking for a real estate crowdfunding platform that acts as hedge fund and puts a wall between you and the sponsor, please visit our competitors. Our simplified approach, by not getting involved in the middle, allows capital to more efficiently flow to your bank account.

RealCrowd is NOT equity of last resort.

The opportunities on RealCrowd are from real estate companies that do not need your investment to close on their offerings. Companies use real estate crowdfunding on RealCrowd because they want to build a network of online accredited investors and form long term relationships.

RealCrowd is for established real estate companies.

Every real estate company on RealCrowd must have at least 10 years of principal-level experience and at least $50 million in transactional history as principals. At the time of this writing, real estate companies currently listing on RealCrowd average about $645m in transactional history and 24 years of existence.

RealCrowd is for commercial real estate investments. We are NOT in the single-family home or house flipping business.

The average individual deal-size for an investment opportunity on RealCrowd is just under $30 million while funds have ranged in size from $15 million to $150 million. The offerings found on RealCrowd will come in form of the highest income producing assets: office, retail, multi-family and industrial. Some real estate companies even package their investments in the form of a fund to allow investors to more easily diversify.

RealCrowd is a champion for risk-adjusted returns.

The investments found on RealCrowd will be diversified across the four main investment types: Core, Core Plus, Value Add and Opportunistic. Each investment type carries with it a unique set of risks & rewards.

Mission Statement

At RealCrowd our mission is to empower individuals by providing access to quality real estate investments in responsible and efficient ways.

Our mission is to transform the real estate crowdfunding industry by giving investors the same direct and free access to commercial real estate that institutions, pension funds & university endowments have always had. Why? Because we believe commercial real estate offers benefits to investors that no other investment class can.


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