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Prodigy Network is a global real estate investment and development firm that provides individuals, from around the world, access to investment opportunities in New York City. Since Title II of the JOBS Act was signed in 2013, Prodigy’s investment thesis has been to democratize real estate investments that previously were only accessible to ultra-wealthy investors.

Through their own proprietary investment platform, Prodigy Network has raised over $600 million from investors in 37 different countries and 27 US States. In addition to raising equity through the “Crowd”, Prodigy Network is able to leverage traditional financing from large institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, and CIBC. Prodigy’s portfolio of 6 projects in Manhattan and 2 in Bogota has an estimated value of $875 million.

Prodigy Network’s first project in New York was the AKA United Nations, a hotel with 95 extended stay units located at 234 E 46th Street. This project was one of the first properties in New York to be financed through crowdfunding and it concluded its financing, development and liquidation cycle with double digit returns to its investors.

Investment Mandate

VERTICAL INTEGRATION: Prodigy Network is a partner and co-developer in every project. This ensures accountability from our development partners on behalf of our investors.

TRANSPARENCY AND SECURITY: Our third party fund administration ensures that investors' capital is where it should be. We provide access to an investor dashboard for easy monitoring of investments.

PROVEN TRACK RECORD: Our current portfolio has a projected terminal valuation of over US $1 billion, including 5 operating properties in Manhattan and 3 new major projects under development. Our global investment network includes investors in 42 countries and 27 US states.

COMMITMENT TO INVESTORS: In our typical waterfall structure, we do not reap benefits until all investors have received their initial capital and their preferred return.

OUR UNIQUE FUNDRAISING CAPACITY: A difference that broadens our scope. Our scalable fundraising capacity continues to grow as we foster partnerships globally, allowing us to structure large-scale projects with costs over US $80 million.

RENOWN PARTNERS: In addition to the equity provided by small investors from around the world, we obtain traditional financing from large institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Bank of America and CIBC.

Mission Statement

Prodigy offers access to a variety of property types located in major cities like New York City, including multi-family, office, retail and hospitality. Prodigy Network has a small portfolio in Colombia but it’s important to know that our projects in Colombia are only offered to Colombian nationals in order to protect foreign investors from currency or country risk.


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+1 (800) 686 0100

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40 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005, US

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