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Inveslar is an online real estate investment company that puts real estate investment within the reach of everyone. How does it work? Inveslar selects properties that, after a deep and detailed analysis, are considered a strategic investment in a quality asset, enjoy added value and offer an interesting return. Once the project, costs and future profitability have been analyzed, we publish the project in, thus offering our investors the opportunity to participate in an attractive and profitable investment. In addition, as an investor you will have access to your private area with your control chart to be able to carry out a detailed follow-up of all your investments. In this way, you can diversify your operations and minimize the risk of your operations. Sign in inveslar.

Investment Mandate

We take all the steps in search of the highest profitability.

The next step is to make the investment even more attractive and profitable. For this, we will have a promoter, the essential collaborator who will help us set a financing objective that includes acquisition, taxes, notary fees, reforms and all costs related to the operation. In this way, we ensure that at the last moment no unexpected expenses arise. In addition, we will manage the farm and we will create the limited company. We also manage the credits, we take care of coordinating the payment of fees and recovery, as well as monitoring and informing investors through our online platform. Once ready, we will publish the project on the web, offering the possibility to anyone to participate in the opportunity. You for example.

If you decide to participate, from a small investment, you will acquire a percentage of shares of the limited company through a capital increase in the case of Equity plans, or you will acquire a collection title in the case of plans Lending And as the company will be duly constituted and registered, you will not have to move to the notary at the time of the extension. We take care of it.

In addition, you will have a Private Area that will allow you to have access to all project information at all times, with a control panel to be able to track all your investments in detail. This way you can also diversify your operations and minimize the risk.

Investing has never been so accessible and simple.

We do all the efforts thinking about your savings.

At 100% of the capital, the project will be financed, the funds will be transferred to the Project Society and the asset will be purchased. Depending on the property, dividends will be rented and distributed monthly, or the benefits will be sold and distributed. Then we will deal with liquidating and dissolving the Limited Company.

Once the benefits of your investment have been obtained, we will pay them to your Inveslar account, and from there you can transfer them to your bank's current account, without commissions of any kind.

Mission Statement

INVESLAR democratizes the real estate sector


Contact Number

+34 935 11 53 52

Headquarter Address

Av. Diagonal 442 bis Ppal, Barcelona, ​​Catalonia 08037, ES

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