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We are a platform that seeks to form groups of people interested in investing in real estate developments in order to obtain attractive returns. In Inverspot we want to make the small investor, the world of real estate investments, accessible. We turn all our knowledge in the field of construction and the financial world to create a digital platform that is simple, secure and transparent. We want to be a social development tool, provide a refuge for your savings and a way to increase your capital in a short time. We believe that within five years, collective funding will be on the front pages of newspapers as the main engine of the industry. We are working hard to take first place. We invite you to be part of our history.

Investment Mandate

The basis of our trust

Security and guarantee

We understand the importance of your participation. 

We present the different options.

Cash handling is the first receipt

You will always know where your money is.

Inverspot manages your participation amounts contemplating all the financial aspects that the Mexican economy demands, so we filter your participation under strict account management, so that your investment is not affected at any time.

Your money is a real economy flow for developers

There are economic advantages for everyone.

Your participation counts from the beginning of your registration until your contribution. The money you contribute begins to generate returns from the date on which the project begins adding investment for both the developer in the work being built, and 

for you to grow your capital.

Committed to your personal information

Data security keeps your investment moving forward

The information encourages growth, creates trust value and helps us strengthen users who wish to join real estate crowdfunding. In inverspot we secure your sensitive personal information with encrypted data security solutions.

You are with us in financial growth

Financial, legal and technological professionalism

With more than 10 years in the real estate sector. Financial, economists, legal supervisors and technology developers, make up the real estate crowdfunding platform, based on a solid economy solution in Latin America, real estate.

Financial balance from start to finish

Select, diversify and win

In Inverspot we are focused on granting you the highest returns in the market, avoiding risks in a controlled ecosystem. With this you can diversify and build your own portfolio of real estate investments in an easy and accessible way, obtaining the highest returns with this investment model in Mexico.

How do we achieve these returns? 

We evaluate each project with 3 simple indicators

Developer Valuation

We thoroughly review your history, work done, references, experience, financial situation and everything related 

to the developer.

Project Valuation

We begin scouting, analysis of the area, permits, deeds, financial viability, project size , market research and 

everything related to development to participate.

Structural and legal negotiation

We close the operation with contracts and clauses that protect your participation at all times.

Mission Statement

We are a platform that seeks to form groups of people interested in investing in real estate developments in order to obtain attractive returns.


Contact Number

+52 55 8000 6555

Headquarter Address

Bosmar de Tamarindos, Col. Lomas de Palo Alto Del. Cuajimalpa, Piso 2, Int. 203, Mexico City, Mexico, DF 05110, MX

Property Locations


Investment Structure


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