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Digital investment opportunities in professional real estate projects. Invest and profit from real estate investments from 250 euros!

Making the exciting real estate market accessible to everyone - that is our goal. HOME ROCKET is the first crowdfunding platform in Europe Internationally in Germany and Austria, specifically focused on real estate projects. Thanks to crowdfunding, everyone now has the opportunity to invest online in selected, professional projects and to benefit from attractive interest rates starting at just € 250 (lending-based crowdfunding, also known as crowdlending or peer-to-business lending).

Real estate is the most popular form of investment in Austria and Germany. That's why you'll find top-class real estate projects by project developers with years of experience at HOME ROCKET. Even with a small amount of money, you can participate in one or more investment opportunities and, together with other investors, benefit from attractive interest rates. 

All real estate projects undergo an independent auditor's review prior to presentation on HOME ROCKET, which thoroughly scrutinizes the plausibility of the project in key points.

Investment Mandate

Real estate meets the basic human need of a roof over your head. But to be a part of this huge real estate market - in our opinion, this privilege should not be reserved only for large investors. With HOME ROCKET, investors with smaller investment amounts will now also be on the train. Our goal is to make you always the best real estate projects of experienced industry professionals accessible, so you are satisfied in the long term. So is real estate crowdfunding for everyone!

HOME ROCKET step by step

1. Investors: Become part of the HOME ROCKET crowd! Our investors want to make more out of their money and find on our crowdfunding platform the opportunity to invest in interesting construction and real estate projects. By spreading the investments over several projects, you can reduce your risk (see risk warning ) and build up a very personal portfolio with your real estate. Registering and using HOME ROCKET is 100% free for you as an investor.

How do you start? - Simply register on HOME ROCKET, select your desired project, determine an appropriate investment amount for you and receive attractive annual interest! Tip: You already have a profile on our sister platform GREEN ROCKET? Your data can be quickly and easily transferred to your HOME ROCKET profile. Get started right away: get started now

2. Capital: Due to the many investment amounts of the crowd, enough capital can be raised to co-finance a larger real estate project. At HOME ROCKET you are not only offered a number of approved real estate projects, but also always offered a secure and transparent investment process. So you pay your investment amount on an insolvency-secured trust account of  Lemon Way KGaA. The involvement of the investors in the project creates a win-win situation: On the one hand, you benefit as an investor in an annual top interest rate, on the other hand, the project developer is made easier to implement his project.

3. Project developer: HOME ROCKET presents selected, experienced project developers who realize real estate projects with the capital provided by the crowd in Austria and Germany. Every real estate project must first pass the examination of an independent expert who conscientiously checks the project for plausibility. In addition, HOME ROCKET may consult with experts from business, science and practice to ensure a high quality selection for the investor community.

4. Interest: By using the capital of the crowd, the project developer can drive the realization of the property and pay interest annually. The legal basis for crowdfunding at HOME ROCKET is a qualified subordinated loan. For each project, pay attention to the corresponding information data sheet.

Mission Statement

Real estate crowdfunding for everyone.


Contact Number

+43 316 232107

Headquarter Address

Waagner-Biro-Straße 100, 2.OG, Graz, Austria 8020

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