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On our crowdinvesting platform, private investors can invest side by side with professional investors in exclusive properties of selected project developers. In this way they can also participate in very large projects, which usually only institutional investors have access to. 

At Engel & Völkers Capital, investors benefit from the certainty that each project will be accompanied by us throughout the entire funding period and has been analyzed in advance with our extensive real estate expertise - based on independent opinions and with as deep a process as institutional investors desire. Investors receive detailed information about the property, the location, the project developer and the schedule. On this basis, they decide whether the project fits in with their investment philosophy. 

In a private area of ​​the platform, the development of the personal investment portfolio can be followed closely. For project developers As an ideal project financing partner, Engel & Völkers Capital offers financing solutions for every project phase as well as access to the worldwide partner network - if desired. Our financing guarantee provides immediate planning security and a project presentation in the exclusive environment of Engel & Völkers, which can be used as a reference and opens up new target groups.

Investment Mandate

Make more of your money. Invest together with Engel & Völkers Capital in concrete real estate projects with fixed returns and maturities. You benefit from our experience, expertise and an investment opportunity in exclusive real estate projects.


Crowdinvesting comes from English (crowd = crowd) and translates as "the investment of the many". In this investment form many investors join together. In this way, even private investors with relatively small amounts of money can benefit from investments for which the minimum investment amounts are usually € 500,000 or more.

In the past, the cost of collecting small amounts across many investors was too high to make such an investment viable. Among other things, the ongoing digitization of these costs have fallen sharply. In recent years, crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular form of investment, generating attractive returns of between 4 and 7% per annum even in a low interest rate environment.  

Your benefits with Engel & Völkers Capital

Many years of competence: Engel & Völkers Capital has been successfully financing major real estate projects since 2009. In the process, project volume of more than one billion euros has already been financed. As of 2017, you as a private investor can invest equally with us and institutional partners from our network through the crowdinvesting platform Engel & Völkers Capital. This gives you the opportunity to participate in very large projects and benefit from our many years of expertise.

Common interests: They invest side by side with Engel & Völkers Capital. Unlike most other platforms, the investment opportunity is not just mediated. Rather, they are projects in which we and our institutional partners invest heavily. Benefit from an asset class previously reserved for institutional investors only.

Guaranteed financing: We guarantee that all of our selected real estate projects are fully funded. Engel & Völkers Capital and institutional partners are involved in every real estate project with at least 10% from the beginning and, if necessary, fill in outstanding amounts. A refinancing or repayment is thus excluded.

Professional analysis: Each project will be examined in a special analysis process developed by Engel & Völkers Capital with a large number of strong partners. Micro and macro location, economic and technical factors are closely examined. At the end of the process, the individual factors are summarized to a final score.

Fixed conditions: Our crowd investments ensure clear conditions. Each investment project has fixed interest and has a contractually stipulated term. Already starting at 100 Euros, you can invest in our real estate projects on transparent terms. Your money will be charged during the bidding phase from the day the money is received. There are no fees for our investors on our platform.

Exclusive network: The Engel & Völkers brand stands for high-class real estate in an exclusive environment. Therefore, only carefully audited real estate projects are placed under professional guidance on our platform. Our local brokerage network is also available for the sale of projects and thus directly supports the business success of our projects.

Mission Statement

Real Estate Crowdinvesting Investing side by side with professional investors in exclusive real estate.


Contact Number

+49 (0)30 60984658

Headquarter Address

EVC Crowdinvest GmbH, Joachimsthaler Str. 10, 10719 Berlin

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