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Join us in the housing market

We will make investment in housing just as easy, liquid and

Available like any other type of investment or savings.


Our vision

Aparto's vision is to democratize the ownership and lease of housing so that everyone can invest in and participate in the rental of residential property. In the future, it does not have to be either-or if you own or rent, you can rent yourself and yet be the landlord of a share in one or more homes as well.

A democratic housing market

We believe that being able to participate as an investor in the housing market is attractive and that is the driving force for making it available for far more than today. When the threshold for being able to own shares in a rental property almost disappears, we will have a better market where the transition from renting to owning can go gradually and at the pace that suits each individual. No longer need to stand completely outside.

Investment Mandate

Benefits of crowdfunding of property

01 Everyone can invest

The minimum investment is NOK 10,000, which makes it possible for everyone to participate. You can of course invest more if you want.

02 It's easy to invest

It is non-binding and only takes two minutes to register. If you see a project you like, you order shares with a few keystrokes.

03 Your safety is first

Your investment is safe. Money is paid to and from the client account with the lawyer. The property is owned by a separate company separate from Aparto

04 We manage everything

Being an investor is easy. We manage both the company and the condominium. Without any obligations or additional charges for you.

05 Follow the developments online

On you will find information about your investments and the individual properties. Follow easily on development in rental income, house prices and much more.

06 Now it's easy to diversify

There are no more costs to participate in five projects than in one. Spread your investment geographically or in the type of apartment you like most easily and at no extra cost.

07 Sell out whenever you want

If you want to sell your shares before the project is closed, there is a secondary market on where you can post shares for sale.

08 Easy exit after 4-5-6 years

All the projects have a planned maturity and will thereafter be discontinued as long as the majority of investors do not want to wait. The whole process is taken care of by us.

Kr 10,000 minimum investment

4 – 6 years Running time in the projects

40-60% Collateral in the projects

2.5% + 1% Our one-time fees

Mission Statement

We will erase the distinction between those who own and those who rent housing by giving everyone equal opportunities to participate in the housing market


Contact Number

+47 952 60 211

Headquarter Address

Storgata 28, Oslo, Norway 0184, NO

Property Locations

Investment Structure


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