How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Deciding to become a real estate agent is a significant move in anyone’s career. People enter the field of real estate for various reasons and at different stages of their lives. There are so many reasons to choose real estate as your profession. It can be a challenging career if …

Things to consider when you buy a property overseas

Buying property overseas is undoubtedly more complicated than buying locally, especially when you do not have much experience. You will have to consider several factors and understand the risks associated with buying property abroad. This guide explores the difficulties you might face as well as some advice.

Understand the risks

Hong Kong buildings with iconic Feng Shui features

Feng shui (“wind” and “water”) is the ancient Chinese art of arranging one’s environment to maximize positive energy and attract good luck. In Hong Kong, feng shui is taken seriously. For this reason, feng shui masters are regularly consulted on almost everything from home purchases and office locations; to the …