Cambodia Property Market with Damian Sung

Cambodia Property Market with Damian Sung
Cambodia Property Market with Damian Sung

This is one part of the full interview we had with Damian at Asia Bankers Club, a physical asset investment club with an extensive focus in the overseas real estate market in Southeast Asia. In this part, we are going in-depth in Cambodia. I …

Hi, 2021

hi 2021 from Denzity

Hey 2021, we are back!

The past year has been… quite the journey. We start posting stuff online. Start making videos. Yes, lots and lots of them. Starting a YouTube channel. Start offering Denzity Portal to real estate agencies. We even decided to dress up now… just a little bit…

How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Deciding to become a real estate agent is a significant move in anyone’s career. People enter the field of real estate for various reasons and at different stages of their lives. There are so many reasons to choose real estate as your profession. It can be a challenging career if …

How to find Real Estate investors online

As the global economy becomes more uncertain, there is also an increased demand for properties as investors are looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Consequently, there are more real estate investors in the market. With this increase in demand, there is a need for real estate agents to set themselves …

Finishing the Year 2020 Strong

Denzity - Finishing the Year 2020 Strong
Finishing the Year 2020 Strong

Another year is drawing to a close, so we are here again with our year-end special episode. This year has been a dramatic year for many of us. Despite that, our team at Denzity has made some fantastic achievements. Before our send-off into 2021, we’d …

Things to consider when you buy a property overseas

Buying property overseas is undoubtedly more complicated than buying locally, especially when you do not have much experience. You will have to consider several factors and understand the risks associated with buying property abroad. This guide explores the difficulties you might face as well as some advice.

Understand the risks