Which One To Choose: Melbourne V.S. Sydney

  • With the pandemic, Sydney house prices will rise 13% more than that in pre-COVID levels by 2023; Similarly, house prices in Melbourne will rise 5% more
  • Melbourne is fast becoming Australia’s biggest city, having an 18% greater growth rate than Sydney

Australia has been a popular destination for foreigners all …

Investing in the Melbourne Property Market

What should the Australian investor should be aware of? From metro-area differences to SDAs, we discuss trends that Australian investors must be aware of.

▶ Intro & Thoughts

Welcome to the finale of our three part miniseries about Australian real estate. In this episode, we zoom in on the Melbourne …

Investing in Sydney’s Property Market [2021]

Buying Trends In Sydney Property

Investing in Sydney’s Property Market [2021]

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We zoom in on Sydney in this second episode of our three part miniseries. Our guest, Terence Cheung, shares the attractive elements of the city’s property market, and some key takeaways for the interested investor. Sydney remains a prized investment location, …

Getting on Australian Real Estate Now

Getting on Australian Real Estate NOW
Getting on Australian Real Estate Now

▶ About this episode:

The Australian real estate market has always been popular for Hong Kong investors. In this episode, we sit down with Terence Cheung, founder and CEO of Raeon International, a Hong Kong-based overseas real estate investment specialist. We discuss important insights …