4 Common Feng Shui myths busted!

Feng Shui Myths Busted
Feng shui, a forever mysterious yet intriguing topic. Yet many scammers out there trying to make a fortune by misinterpreting this ancient school of study.

Feng shui, a forever mysterious yet intriguing topic. Some may call it superstition, yet some find it magical and terrifyingly accurate. Yet, there are many …

FAQ when purchasing Vietnam real estate

Vietnam real estate market is one of the favorites of Hong Kong investors. The property in Vietnam is relatively low yet it has great potentials.

When considering an investment in the oversea property market, Hongkongers tend to choose somewhere cheap and somewhere near, making the South East Asia property market …

FAQ when purchasing Malaysia real estate

Kuala Lumpur,  the capital of Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia

With the high property prices in Hong Kong, many Hongkongers seek to invest in overseas real estate markets. Markets near Hong Kong, like Japan real estate market and Taiwan real estate market, are popular choices. Yet, in recent years, investments in the Southeast Asian …

Top 4 Tips For Overseas Real Estate Purchase

4 tips for overseas real estate purchase

Immigration has become a hot topic in Hong Kong lately. To immigrate, it is crucial to plan ahead. You should probably arrange your accommodations, work and bank accounts before you arrive in your designated country. However, it can be challenging to find information online that is truly useful, especially when …