Inside Hong Kong’s Smart Buildings

Inside Hong Kong's Smart Buildings

Landlords and tenants have become more flexible and innovative when it comes to deciding how we live and work. Hong Kong has seen an increasing trend of smart buildings that are managed with automated systems, AI, and other various PropTech (Property Technology) functions. Especially since the government’s amibitious 2030 climate …

How Does a Hong Kong Investor Buy Property? Ft. Manci Man // 香港投資者是如何投資房地產的? Ft. 文慧詩

[English Below]歡迎來到我們與 文慧詩 Manci Man 訪談的第二集,我們將在影片裡討論有關 BNO 公民身份、貨幣兌換和在線房地產營銷的主題。

BNO:BNO 究竟是什麼呢?它與香港人和英國之關有什關係?Manci Man 一直都有為她的客戶處理有關BNO的難題, 在這些問題上她經驗豐富,讓她在這裡分享她對這個市場的見解。


線上房地產營銷:從 Zoom 到 Youtube 再到社交媒體,Manci 和她的團隊在房地產行業中,結合了現代創新和傳統保守方式去接觸客戶。


我們將在下週四(7 月 22 日)推出與 Manci Man訪談最後一集,敬請期待吧!

Welcome to our second episode with Manci Man, where we discuss BNO citizenship, currency exchange, and online property marketing.

BNO: What exactly does …

UK Property Market Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

2021 UK Real Estate Trends

The UK property market is buzzing. High increasess in quarter on quarter transactions and a flurry of mortage approvals indicate a roaring demand for the nations real estate market.

Before participating in the market, the investor must first be aware of some trends to follow.

London is an ever popular …

ESG in Real Estate: Why it Matters

ESG professionals
ESG is increasingly a necessity to any property stakeholder. What exactly is it, and how is it shaping the real estate industry as we know it?

In today’s episode, I sit down with Patty Ng and Rosaline Fu to talk about ESG in real estate. Patty and Rosaline are both …

Investing in the Melbourne Property Market

What should the Australian investor should be aware of? From metro-area differences to SDAs, we discuss trends that Australian investors must be aware of.

▶ Intro & Thoughts

Welcome to the finale of our three part miniseries about Australian real estate. In this episode, we zoom in on the Melbourne …