Australia: A Good Time to Move? |現在是一個移民澳洲的好時機嗎?

Australia and Hong Kong have a prosperously entangled history – a history of cross-border immigration and work, culture, education, and tourism. With many Hong Kongers considering Australia as a prospective destination for immigration, work, study, and investment, a current understanding of the Australian market is essential to capitalise on opportunities that may be ripe for the taking, and to avoid losses where they may exist.

In the video above, we examine Australia’s post-pandemic property situation, and the underlying factors that have contributed to a meteoric rise in property prices in 2021, despite many indicators pointing towards a slump in the economy. What’s happening?

With lowered interest rates and exuberant tax breaks propping up property demand, supply stagnated. A perfect situation emerged for sellers: negatively gear property and make a guaranteed profit! Under Australian law, sellers can apply for tax cuts upon suffering losses on property investment and enjoy a 50% capital gains tax discount upon re-selling property acquired a year ago.

The market competition is tough – and quite anticipated for an opportunity like this – all of which pushes the ceiling only higher. For an average consumer or first-time buyer, this may all sound discouraging. Nonetheless, changes are occurring that may signal a relieving reversal to this hot market. As the pandemic releases its clutches on Australia’s borders and Australian politics gets increasingly angst, property prices are projected to showcase a downward trend for the first time in 20 years.

This is good news for any prospective buyer waiting to enter the market – the wait may not be so far off. If you are such a person, a good watch of the video above will give you more information you need to know about Australian market trends this year. Also – as a homebuyer, you might want to take advantage of the government’s two schemes (the New Home Guarantee Scheme and The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme) while they remain in effect. Denzity has more insightful articles and videos on Australia and other parts of the world that may interest you. Check out more on our blog, and if you are looking for a great place to start in your overseas property home search check out our portal at:

澳洲和香港在繁榮的歷史中有著許多共共之處——跨境移民和工作、文化、教育和旅遊。由於許多香港人將澳洲視為工作、學習、投資和定居的潛在目的地,因此對澳洲市場有著清楚的了解,對於很可能可以幫助大家在日後察覺到投資機會或避免損失。 在上面的影片中,我們研究了在後疫情時期澳洲的房地產狀況,以及導致房地產價格飛速上漲的潛在原因。不過,其實當時所有事情走向都在預計經濟將會衰退的,到底發生了什麼令到一切和預想的不同呢? 其實,利率的降低和稅收優惠提高了房地產需求,但供應仍然停滯不前。導致這一個完美的局面出現,賣家可以利用房地產並獲得可觀的利潤! 根據澳洲法律,他們可以在房地產投資遭受損失時申請減稅,並在轉售一年之前獲得的房產時享受 50% 的減稅。 對於普通消費者或首次置業人仕來說,這聽起來可能感到擔心,但不必驚慌。季節帶來了變化!隨著疫情對澳洲邊境的控制以及澳洲與其他國家的關係升溫,預計房地產價格將出現 20 年來的首次下降趨勢。此外 – 置業者有希望在政府的兩項計劃中獲益!(新房屋保證計劃和首套房貸款存款計劃)

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