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[中文簡介在下方] In the previous episode, we have invited Terra to share her experience of doing public relations. PR is not an easy job. The details, which including managing relationships with artists and KOLs, are endless and can cause most companies to start out to be at a loss.

Terra is experienced in this field and also being an artist herself, we thought it would be great to have her give us some tips and advice in KOL relationship management.

In this episode, she will talk about the difficulties in managing interpersonal relationships with KOL and teach you how to become one of them. KOLs are separate entities that each carry their own audience. Learning how to align their goals with yours can further assist them to sell your brand and your company to the people who follow them every day. As with all interpersonal relationships, there is no exact science but there are general rules of thumb that you can learn. Terra will especially address how real estate companies can utilise KOL marketing as part of their public relations arsenal.

Tune in to the episode above and the following videos on our mini-series to gain some insights on how you can do the same.

在上一集中,我們邀請了Terra分享她做公關的經驗。公關不是一件容易的工作。當中包括了很多管理與藝人和 KOL們 關係的細節位,若一旦出錯,可能會令公司感到不知所措。

由於 Terra 在該領域經驗豐富,而且她本人也是一名藝人,我們認為讓她在 管理與KOL 的關係方面,能給我們一些很棒的提示和建議。

在本期節目中,Terra 將講述管理與KOL人際關係的難處,並教大家如何把它做好。 KOLs 是獨立的個體,每個KOL都有自己的受眾。學習如何把 KOL 和 企業的目標保持一致,這可以進一步幫助他們向觀眾去推銷您的品牌和公司。與所有人際關係一樣,當中並沒有精確的科學,但有一些通用的經驗讓我們去學習。 Terra 還會特別去討論房地產公司能如何利用 KOL 營銷作為其公共關係的一部分。

在我們的訪談係列節目中收聽上面的劇集,以深入了解如何做到和 Terra 一樣好的 PR吧

▶ About the Guest|關於訪客:

Terra has always wanted to become an actress and star in movies, so she has decided to enter the entertainment industry. She participated in the 2014 Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant Campaign. In 2015, she was appointed as the Hong Kong representative of Miss International. After that, she joined TVB and went to Beijing to learn acting and to study films. She then began to star in different TVB dramas and movies, eg: Line Walker: Bull Fight. During these nine years of working in the entertainment industry, she has met a lot of people. Since then, she has started doing PR related work, helping different companies or people in organising events. Terra is not only a Hong Kong artist but also a KOL, with more than 40K followers on her Instagram.

Terra 一直想成為一名演員和電影明星,所以她決定進入娛樂圈。 她參加了2014年香港小姐選美活動。 2015年獲委任為國際小姐香港代表。 之後,她加入了TVB,並前往北京進修有關表演和電影的技巧。 隨後她開始出演不同的TVB電視劇和電影,例如:《使徒行者3》。 在娛樂圈工作的這九年裡,她遇到了很多人。 從那時起,她開始做公關相關的工作,並開始幫助不同的公司或人組織活動。 Terra不僅是香港藝人,還是KOL,她的Instagram粉絲己經超過4萬。

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