Australia: The Market, Policies, and Prospects (2021)

  • Australia had an estimated total of AUD 4 trillion investment from foreign economies
  • Australia’s housing prices had an annual increase of more than 8%.
  • Sydney had the highest property sales among other cities, with a total of 2960 transactions (approximately 1.5 million AUD) as of 19 July 2021

Australia has always been a popular choice for foreign investment. Since it is one of the largest countries with a low population, it ranks among the toppers for having very little pollution and a clean environment. It is also a nation with great landscapes and high-quality life. Given its political stability, It is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world that has an excellent education system. It is also generally considered as a friendly place to live, work or study. As of 2020, Australia had over 7.6 million migrants.

Foreign Ownership

Australia is a major attraction to overseas investors, especially in real estate investment. However, it requires foreigners to obtain a permit from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) to purchase a property. Foreigners are also limited in buying specific types of properties. Although the purchase process might be a bit complicated, the number of properties owned by foreigners keeps increasing. By the end of 2020, an estimated total of AUD 4 trillion was invested in the country by foreign economies.

According to Knight Frank’s global house price index, housing prices increased by at least 7.3% across more than 50 countries, where Australia ranked 18th with an annual increase of more than 8%.

Global housing prices rose by 7.3% across 53 countries.

Popular Cities For Investment

Much like other diverse countries, Australia’s real estate industry is highly impacted by foreign investments. Since the COVID-19 hit with the inception of around a year-long lockdown, the number of yearly immigrants has fallen drastically. Surprisingly, Australia’s property prices didn’t drop at all. Amidst the pandemic, they kept skyrocketing even with a daily rise of AUD 1,266 in major cities like Sydney.

The latest data of the Australian property market showed the property sales trends across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and two other major cities. In terms of sales as of 17 July 2021, Sydney was in the lead with 1762 house sales(approx. AUD920k) and 1198 unit sales(approx. AUD660k), followed by Melbourne(2896 total sales) and Brisbane (1608 total sales).

As expected, Sydney’s property values have the highest and fastest growth which is 16.4%. On the other hand, house prices in Melbourne increased by 0.3% in the past week and 10% in the past year; for Brisbane, it was 0.4% weekly and 12% annually. As you can see, the overall housing prices in Australia have increased significantly and are not affected by the pandemic. Therefore, it is a great place for investments.

Residential prices increase drastically from pre-pandemic levels.

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Government Policies

To support and encourage eligible first home buyers to purchase their home sooner, the government has implemented two schemes- The New Home Guarantee Scheme and The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme to the public.

Usually, first home buyers with a deposit of less than 20%, have to pay lenders’ mortgage insurance. However, after the introduction of both schemes, it has enabled first home buyers to purchase with a 5% deposit and singles with a 2% deposit. Property prices may still remain high, but this has definitely made Australian properties affordable again.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced The First Home Buyer Scheme.


The above factors may have contributed to keeping the local property market stable for more than a year, but experts believe that the Australian property market might break its almost 20 year-long streak of booming prices very soon due to the ongoing lockdown that still has kept the countries’ borders closed. We may end up seeing a peak before there is a significant drop in property prices in the near future. However, it is still rather uncertain. With the introduction of various effective vaccines, the country might one day open up its borders. Once again opening doors to thousands of immigrants, which in turn will revive the market.


Whether or not you choose Australia as the next place to look for an overseas property, we hope these points help clarify what aspects of a country you should be clear about before investing in property. There is no one size fits all answer. For some, the risk of Australian housing prices peaking somewhere in the near future is worth the Australian lifestyle and ease of living, whereas others prefer to wait a bit longer until the prices get just right. Whatever is your preference, Denzity is here to help you make a better decision. Our Portal lists many overseas properties managed by trusted real estate companies all over the world. If there is a place to find your dream home this would be it! Check out to begin your home search!

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