Public Relations Tricks That Real Estate Agent Should Know With Terra Yeung // 地產經紀需要知道的公關技巧 (楊埕特輯)

[English below]歡迎收看我們與Terra Yeung 的第一集。 Terra 是一位在做公關相關工作方面經驗豐富的香港藝人。 在這一集中,我們討論了進行公共關係和市場營銷的不同方式,尤其是針對房地產公司。 Terra 還將分享她的經歷以及有關其他人在公關行業中的一些有趣故事。

Terra是一位香港藝人,曾出演過不同的戲劇和電影。 鑑於她之前一直在在娛樂行業工作,什麼讓她開始了從事公關相關工作?她的故事揭示了她開始從事公關業務的原因以及她在該領域得到的經驗。 她還分享了一些有關其他人在公關行業中的有趣故事,這些故事可能會讓您感到驚訝。

特別是對於房地產公司而言,脫穎而出並以獨特的方式宣傳您的品牌至關重要。 Terra 將討論房地產公司如何進行公關工作的不同方式。收聽上面的訪談和我們一係列的以下視頻,了解 Terra 如何做到這一點,並獲得一些有關如何做到這一點的見解。

Welcome to our first episode with Terra Yeung. Terra is a Hong Kong artist who is experienced in doing PR related work. In this episode, we talk about the different ways in doing public relations and marketing especially for real estate companies. Terra will also share about her experiences and some interesting stories of how others do PR.

Terra is a Hong Kong artist who has starred in different dramas and movies. Given the long history of working in the entertainment industry, why did she start doing PR related work? Her story reveals the reason why she started her PR business and her experience in this field.

She will also share some interesting stories on how other people do PR which may probably surprise you.

Especially for real estate companies, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd and promote your brand in a unique way.

Terra will talk about the different ways of how real estate companies do PR work. Tune in to the episode above and the following video of our mini-series to learn how Terra did so, and gain some insights on how you can do the same.

▶ About the Guest|關於訪客:

Terra has always wanted to become an actress and star in movies, so she has decided to enter the entertainment industry. She participated in the 2014 Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant Campaign. In 2015, she was appointed as the Hong Kong representative of Miss International. After that, she joined TVB and went to Beijing to learn acting and to study films. She then began to star in different TVB dramas and movies, eg: Line Walker: Bull Fight. During these nine years of working in the entertainment industry, she has met a lot of people. Since then, she has started doing PR related work, helping different companies or people in organising events. Terra is not only a Hong Kong artist, but also a KOL, with more than 40K followers on her Instagram.

Terra 一直想成為一名演員和電影明星,所以她決定進入娛樂圈。 她參加了2014年香港小姐選美活動。 2015年獲委任為國際小姐香港代表。 之後,她加入了TVB,並前往北京進修有關表演和電影的技巧。 隨後她開始出演不同的TVB電視劇和電影,例如:《使徒行者3》。 在娛樂圈工作的這九年裡,她遇到了很多人。 從那時起,她開始做公關相關的工作,並開始幫助不同的公司或人組織活動。 Terra不僅是香港藝人,還是KOL,她的Instagram粉絲己經超過4萬。

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