5 Marketing Terms Real Estate Agent Must Know

Many real estate agents handle their marketing campaigns themselves. And currently, digital marketing is the trend. Therefore, learning digital marketing for real estate agents is essential.

Understanding basic marketing terms is a good start.

Learning the terminology will help you, as a real estate agent, grasp concepts, apply the principles to your real estate business, and decide which digital marketing methods will work best for you.

The 5 digital marketing terms listed here are some of the most important and widely used words and jargon used by digital marketers.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is a process that improves a web page’s rank on the search engine results page. This is an essential technique because every business wants their website to show up on the first page of Google. This can improve your business’s visibility and attract potential customers.

Various SEO techniques can get better website ranking, such as improving a website’s load speed, targeting the right keywords, building backlinks, etc.

Learning the basic SEO principles can help you launch a successful website marketing campaign.

2. Content Marketing
People often do online research before buying a home. So, if you can provide people with helpful information about the process, they may be more likely to reach out to you once they’re ready.

This is the concept of content marketing. It involves strategically creating and sharing online material to attract potential customers and drive profitable buyer action. The central idea of content marketing is to offer helpful and value-packed content in various forms. It can be blog posts, social media posts or podcasts.

3. Thought Leadership
Thought leadership is a type of content marketing. This is an essential digital marketing term for real estate agents. Gone are the days when marketing meant putting out some advertisements and punchy slogans. Nowadays, people are more interested in hearing genuine insights from industry players.

Thought leadership is about sharing authoritative and trustworthy content from industry leaders. For example, as a real estate agent, you can share your view on topics like overseas investment, buying process and property management tips.

Thought leadership helps you establish authority in your field, and when customers have the need, they will think about you.

4. Marketing Funnel
A marketing funnel refers to the various phases in your potential customer’s journey before deciding to use your services.

A primary funnel often has three stages: awareness, consideration, and conversion. Real estate marketers can add more stages to their funnel, depending on how their marketing plan works.

One crucial digital marketing tip for real estate agents is to be mindful of your offers and the content you serve on each stage. Always be relevant and provide value.

5. Conversion
A conversion occurs when a visitor to your website completes a desired goal, such as filling out a form or making a purchase. As a real estate business owner, your website’s purpose is probably asking customers to fill in a contact form or contact you via phone.

The percentage of total visitors that convert is called your conversion rate.

You might test different headlines, buttons, calls to action, or images on your web pages to see which variations lead to more conversions.

You want to collect more customers’ details so you can contact them offline to close the deals.

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