About Us

Denzity strives to enable real estate ownership to be more accessible for everyone

Our Story

Overseas real estate investments has become more common in recent years. Real Estate Fractional Ownership helps everyday investors overcome the traditional barriers to enter traditional real estate.
Starting with less than HKD 200,000, everyday investors can now materialize their real estate investment goals. Diversify and lower your portfolio risk by allocating capital to real estate platforms which manage the entire investment process.
As a platform’s client, you skip the time-consuming and complex nature involved with investment (such as due diligence, transaction costs, market expertise and knowledge, to name a few…).
Our founders - Darren, Joseph, and Chris - recognize this barrier and decided to act. We established Denzity to drive greater participation in real estate investing by overcoming the traditional barriers to entry in achieving real estate ownership.

What to expect from us

Denzity allows users to find tailored insights on real estate investing with access to a global network of industry professionals. We provide a community-driven online platform for users to navigate, research, and conduct due diligence on all things real estate.

Our Values


Denzity keeps the process simple and focused throughout the user experience.


We bring you closer to real estate professionals from around the world.


We believe communication and transparency is key in driving participation in real estate investing.

Our Team

Darren Wong

Co-Founder | CEO

Joseph Cheng

Co-Founder | CTO

Chris Brewer

Co-Founder | COO

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Denzity strives to enable real estate ownership to be more accessible for everyone
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