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Denzity is a global community of industry experts, here to help you in your real estate exploration. Break all the myths and misconceptions with sound insights, open dialogues, and peer-reviewed content from professional real estate agents, developers, world-class investors, advisors and more.
Real estate investments, both locally and abroad, have become more prevalent in recent years. Even with this surge of interest, there is a lack of information aiding investors in making informed decisions. Not only for general investors, but even professional investors also face many difficulties with research due to the fragmented and complex nature of the real estate industry. Investors often expose misleading information and mismanage their expectations. At the worst of all, they may lose their hard-earned savings by trusting ill-intentioned people.
Our founders have identified this struggle. They want to make real estate participation simpler and more accessible for everyone by sourcing insights, news, and information directly from real estate experts - professional real estate agents, developers, world-class investors, advisors and more. Thus, Denzity is born.
Designed by passionate tech and real estate professionals, the team strives to utilize technology bringing investors closer to a global community of industry experts. With this community, we hope to alleviate investors' struggles and help drive confidence for more people to begin their real estate investment journey. Denzity lets you focus on what matters most: getting a better sense of where, what, and how to invest in real estate - both locally and abroad.
You can expect to find insights, news, and information on the region’s real estate market, such as Vietnam real estate and Malaysia real estate. You can also find interesting, unconventional topics in real estate such as feng shui, sustainability, PropTech (property tech), and tokenization.

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We are a dedicated, user-centric team that wants to drive the real estate sector through technological innovation. Our team recruits a diverse network of experts to provide you with powerful insights and reliable sources to succeed in the world of real estate.

Our Team

Darren Wong

Co-Founder & CEO

Joseph Cheng

Co-Founder & CTO

Chris Brewer

Co-founder & Advisor
Denzity is on a mission to inspire confidence and trust during your real estate exploration.

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