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Real Estate Crowdfunding enables Investors to collectively invest in real estate, diversify their investment portfolio, and generate passive income in one of the oldest forms of investment.

But, how do you decide which Real Estate Crowdfunding Project and Platform is right for you?

Search and discover hundreds of Real Estate Crowdfunding Projects worldwide with the tools to differentiate between each platform and the project’s unique attributes at Denzity.

Our Story

We believe that Real Estate Crowdfunding is the medium by which everyday Investors can overcome the traditional barriers to enter the real estate market.

A marketplace built to drive greater participation in Real Estate Crowdfunding to overcome the traditional barriers to real estate ownership.

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Our user screening process allows you to spend less time selling and more time doing great deals to grow your investor base

We direct users to your platform when users are interested in your projects

Get free reporting on the demographics that your Projects attract

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